Device memory folders for prayers

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Access to the answered folder is in the top menu of the List View

A prayer can be marked as answered under the Post an Update or Mark as Answered options

  1. Select the toggle to green to mark as answered
  2. Select Save to post
  3. This will display
  • a green Answered tag with the time under the title
  • a green check mark behind prayer in list view
  • a green Answered tag with the time under the card view
  • a green dot above your name in others home page
  1. It will also be posted to the Answered folder
Answered Folder Contents
  • All of your prayers that have been answered.
  • All deleted answered prayers
    • These will have a small garbage can icon just before the check mark indicating it has been deleted
    • It can be restored by selecting the prayer and then Restore
    • You can then Post an Update to it

A prayer is archived by selecting the archive option in the three dot menu

These prayers are taken from the main menu and are now available in the Archive folder

Restore Prayer

This will retrieve a prayer from Archive Folder back to main menu

For more info on views select link here

  1. Open prayer in List view
  2. Select Archived in the top menu to open archived folder
  3. Select the prayer you want to reactivate
  4. Select Restore icon to bring it back to the main folder
DELETE (caution)
  1. Select DELETE at bottom of menu to permanently delete the prayer
  2. Delete is also available in three dot menu
  • Delete will remove a prayer from the system
  • There is no undo

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