Push Notification only on App Start

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Android 10 permissions

This is an issue commonly seen on Android OS 10, which comes with rather controlled permission settings

First, you should check that all permissions are granted to the app, especially the notification permissions.

Battery Optimization
  1. To conserve battery, Android 9 and later enforce battery optimization which prevents some non-system apps (like YouVersion) from sending push notifications.
  2. Disable battery optimization
    1. Go to phone settings in device
    2. Navigate to apps and notifications
      1. Select special app access
    3. Select battery optimization.
    4. You should be able to see a header Not Optimized
    5. Select it and then select All App Option
    6. Scroll down and select Bible and select Do not optimize
  3. Go back to the Bible app  and go to setting within the app (Select More on bottom line first)
    1. Scroll down and select Clear Local Cache
Test Push Notification
  1. Restart your device 
  2. Set a test  notification.

Your push notifications should function well now and you should receive the reminders at your specified time.

Samsung Devices

For Samsung owners please follow these steps to disable battery optimization

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