Why can't I backup, export or print my bookmarks and notes?

Updated 9 months ago by Nizia Dantas

Backing up or Exporting

If you are connected and signed-into the app, then your bookmarks and notes are automatically saved and backed up at our servers. 

There is no External Backup or Export function in the app to directly provide you a local backup copy. 

However, you could go to a desktop/laptop computer and: 

  • sign-in on the web at www.bible.com
  • then display your bookmarks or notes
  • select (from bottom to top) the whole list in the bookmark or notes panel
  • then Copy/Paste them into a Word document or an Email.

This is clearly not a complete solution, and if you have some specific ideas about how this should work, you can submit your ideas at http://goo.gl/mVlWI 


You cannot print your Bookmarks or Notes from the app on a mobile device.However, if you have copied your bookmarks, as above, from the web to a Word document, you could edit and print that file.

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