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Initial Verification email

When you sign up, you will automatically be sent a verification email from “” to the email used to sign up.

You can either reply to that email or click the verification link that is contained in that email.

If you reply twice you will get an "invalid token" message. Just go to your account and sign in.

What if I signed up but I don’t think I got a verification email

For blocked emails select link here

How do I resend a verification email

You can resend a verification email by visiting the following page:

How do I resend a verification email

If you are still not getting a verification email, please select  Email the Help TeamFill out the form and select Send Email and we will manually verify your account.



You must click the link in a verification email before you can sign in to the app.  If you go to to have it resent, and you get the message Account is Already Verified, then you are in good shape, and you can go sign in to the app with your Email address and Password.

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