How to add a prayer form to an Event

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How to create a form (prayer request)  

How to Add a Prayer Request Form

It’s easy to add any kind of form to request information from your audience. Use an online tool such as Formstack, Google Forms, or Wufoo to create a form with the fields you want. When you’ve saved your form, copy the URL (website link) that links back to it.

Assuming you’ve already started creating your Event, here’s how you add your Prayer Request Form to it:

  1. In Event Builder, click the Content tab on your Event.
  2. Click the External Link button.
  3. In the Link Label box, type the question you want to ask.
  4. In the large content box, type what you’re asking for — and what will happen if they share that information with you.
  5. In the URL box, paste in the URL (website link) that links back to your form.

Tip: If you need to copy the URL again, switch back to the browser tab or window that has your form in it.

Need more help? Visit our Events Resources page on Open and click on the “Add Prayer Requests Demo Video.” You can follow along as we walk you step-by-step through the process.

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