My Year End in Review

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My Year in the Bible App

  • It is an overview or snapshot of your Bible engagement in the current year
  • Please update your app to the latest version 
  • Can also be seen on by selecting link here. You need to be signed in to your account.
  • The year review snapshot will be found on the homepage as a moment. Much like the streak moment.
  • You need to be signed in to your account to see your data

Sample snapshot

  • In each circle will be the number of times you have completed that feature
  • You profile picture or initials are in the center

Images List

Highlight: How many highlights were created throughout the year

Friend Connections: How many new friends were added throughout the year

Notes: How many notes were created throughout the year

Verse image: how many verse images were created throughout the year

Bookmark: how many bookmarks were created throughout the year

Badges: how many badges were achieved throughout the year

Reading plan Completions: How many reading plans you have completed throughout the year



  • When you share it will only send your image 
  • Image is opened on the internet at 
  • Options for the person you share with are
    • Go to link to open or download the Bible app
    • See their snapshot if they are signed in


  • If you dismiss on the app and want to see it again, use the link for given above
  • Does it update in real time?
    • The moment should update within 48 hrs of a new plan, highlight etc.

  • My data seems to be off
    • Make sure that you are signed into the correct account.
    • In recent updates users might have created a new account

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