How to add/remove comments on iOS

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You can comment on any moment that you or one of your friends creates. A moment is created anytime you or a friend creates a highlight or a bookmark. An activity moment is also created for plans and notes that were created with Friends as the privacy setting.

To comment on a moment
  1. Select the talk bubble icon in the bottom left corner of any activity moment
  2. Type in your comment. Type carefully and proof read what you type because it is not currently possible to edit the comment after you post it. You can delete it but not edit it
  3. Select Post
  4. You can read comments in the individual activity moments or in the in-app notifications section.  You access these by selecting the Bell icon at the top of the Home Feed

Which comments can I delete?

  • If you ever want to delete one of your own comments, you can do so by swiping from right to left across your comment. Then select Delete
  • You can also delete comments that appear on any of your own activity moments by swiping from right to left across the comment. Then select Delete
  • You can only delete other user's comments if they are commenting on your activity

Which comments can I not delete?

  • You can not delete comments by another user if they appear on another user's comment.

What if I make a mistake in a comment?

  • You cannot edit comments but you can delete them and create a new comment

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