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Open Plan settings

Open a plan

Select Overflow (three dots) in top right beside Share

Select Settings

Privacy  This will set if your plan is for you only or to share with all you YouVersion friends. 

  • Catch me up. For more information select link here
  • Stop Reading This Plan. For more information select link here
Plans with Friends differences
  • Participants  Displays the participants. If you are the host you can invite others or remove participants.
  • Notifications
    • You can change what email notifications you want for participant activity. Select the slider to toggle on (green) or off (grey)
    • The When Participants accept an invite notification is for hosts only
  • Stop Reading This Plan. This will stop the plan. There is no confirm question.
Weekly Calendar on plan page
  • The weekly calendar has current day (green box), day of the plan, and a check mark for completed day 
    • Completed day checks are automatic after all the passages are all completed
    • You can not check the weekly calendar directly but must select  all the circles in front of the passage on the plan page to get a check in the weekly calendar
  • Use < and > at ends of calendar to go forward or backwards
  • Use full calendar (or scroll through the weekly calendar) to go to missed days 
Full Year Calendar 
  • Select Calendar
  • Days of the plan have black print. Days outside the plan are grey
  • Completed days will be in green highlight
  • Missed days have a red circle
  • Partial days have a green circle
  • Depending on the plan, if there is an off day or only devotional content, it will have a green highlight once you open the day
  • Select any day to take you to that day in the main plan page
  • You can then manually check the days as read by selecting the circle in front of the passage

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