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How to enable parallel reading​
  1. Select Parallel (in the second top menu bar to the right ) 
  2. The right screen will show the most recent version the first time and after that remember which version you were in
  3. Note: Highlighting, bookmarking, notes and verse selection is not available in the right side 
  4. Parallel scrolling of verses starts at verse one.  Depending upon the amount of words each translation has, the verses  may not be exactly parallel
  5. The audio if available will only read from the version on the left pane.
  6. You can only open one chapter at a time
How to disable parallel reading
  1. Select the Exit  parallel mode in the top menu bar to the left to toggle parallel off 
  • Parallel reading mode makes it possible to display two versions of the Bible on the same screen
  • Parallel reading is only available on the regular web Read page and not in plans
  • You need to be signed in for parallel to work.


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