Stop Friend Requests on Android

Updated 1 month ago by Wayne L Harms

Turning off notifications

You can turn off all notifications related to the friend feature so that friend requests are a minimal disruption

  1. Select  Menu (icon with three lines)
  2. Select Settings and then Notification Settings
  3. Make sure Friend requests and friends activity are grey on both Email and Push notifications pages
  • Doing this will mean that even if you get a friend request, you won't be interrupted with a notification about it
  • You'll still see a red dot beside the friends icon in the top menu when you get a friend request
  • You don't need to respond to repeated requests
Declining friend requests
  1.  From the Home page, select the friend icon (two people) in the top menu
  2. Select the X beside the friend you want to decline
Removing a friend
  • For info to remove friends select here
Block Friend
  • For more info to block friend request, select link here

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