How to stop a plan before completion on iOS

Updated 2 months ago by Wayne L Harms

If you don’t want to finish your plan or accidentally started the wrong plan, it's easy to stop the plan; however, when you stop a plan, YouVersion removes it from your device and your account immediately.  There is no “undo” option for this once you go through with it.

Plans listed in the Completed Plans section can not be deleted

To Stop a Plan

  1. Select Plans on the bottom navigation bar
  2. In your My Plans list swipe from right to left across the name of the plan you want to stop
  3. Select Stop or Leave
  4. Confirm at the bottom of the pop up

Alternative method for stopping a plan:

Open the plan and select stop plan from the overflow menu (3 dots).

Note: if you leave a Plan With Friends plan you will not be able to get back into the plan. If you stop a plan you are doing by yourself, you can start it again but you will lose all of your progress.

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