Manage Email or Push Notifications on Android

Updated 11 months ago by Wayne L Harms

  • Push notifications or emails sent out by YouVersion can be controlled from within the app
  • You must be signed in to your account to change notification settings
Change notifications
  1. Select More (three lines) icon
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Notification Settings
  4. Select either email notifications or push notifications
  5. Select the switch to toggle notifications ON (it will show as green with round knob to the right) or OFF (it will show as grey with round knob to the left)
  • For more information about the different Email notifications available, select here
  • For more information about the different Push notifications available, select here


Disable Notifications on Device
  1. Select the Settings (gear) button on the device
  2. Select Application Manager or Apps or Notifications
  3. Scroll down and select Bible
  4. Uncheck the Show Notifications button

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