Highlights—create, view, edit and delete on iOS

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Creating a highlight
  1. As you are reading a Bible verse, select the verse(s) you want to highlight. At this time it is only possible to highlight entire verses, not part of a verse or individual words
  2. A panel of colored dots will be displayed on the verse action menu. Scroll colors sideways for more colors. Select a color.
  3. In a few moments the color will appear behind the text of the verse. 
Viewing a highlight
Highlights are only displayed within the version in which they were created
  • For example, if the highlight was created in Genesis 1:1 NIV, the highlight will only be available in the NIV version
  1. Select your profile picture at the top right of the Home feed
  2. Select Highlights
  3. Highlights are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom). The list can be displayed in either collapsed view (more verses) or expanded view (fewer verses). Toggle between the views by selecting the icon at the top right of the highlights list.
    • Each highlight is in a separate "moment"
    • In each moment is
      • How many weeks ago you highlighted the verse (the actual date is only given for verses that were highlighted 53+ weeks earlier than the current date) 
      • Highlight color
      • Verse reference and version short code
      • Verse text (only the first line (collapsed view) or first 3 lines (expanded view) of the text are displayed). Tap the highlight moment to view all of the text in a separate moment. Tap the moment again to view the verse(s) in the Bible reader.
      • Options to Like (heart), Comment (speech bubble) and a 3 dot menu with additional options
  4. Scroll through the list of highlights to find the desired one
Editing a highlight 
  1. To edit a highlight open the highlights as above and scroll to the highlight you wish to edit
  2. Select the three dots icon in the lower right of the highlight moment
  3. Select Edit
  4. Select the desired color
  5. The edited highlight will be shown
Deleting a highlight
  1. To delete a highlight open the highlight as above and scroll to the highlight you wish to edit
  2. Select the three dots icon in the lower right of the highlight moment
  3. Select Delete and then Delete in the confirmation box
Alternate method for editing/deleting highlights
  1. To access the highlight moment from the Bible reader, select the highlighted verse when you see it in the reader. Then select Related on the far right end of the verse action menu (you may have to scroll the menu first)
  2. A pop up will open that displays all of the moments (highlights, bookmarks, notes) that you have created for that verse or verses
  3. Find the moment you want to work with and select the 3 dots icon in the lower right corner of that moment
  4. Select delete to eliminate the color completely
  5. Select edit to change the color to a different one
  6. Other options available from the 3 dot menu: Read, Share, Create Image, Compare Versions, Copy
Additional Information

Because everyone on your YouVersion friend list sees all of your highlight moments, you should probably not use highlighting as a way to tell which verses you have read. Consider using the History feature as a way to mark where you left off.  This is discussed further here

Creating new colors or using too many different colored Highlights may get confusing.  Some Bible App veterans use highlighting only occasionally, and use only yellow for their Highlights, and reserve other colors for Notes and Bookmarks.

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