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  • Highlighting a verse puts a color background on the verse similar to highlighting in a paper Bible
  • Highlighting only displays in the current version being used
  • Highlights from all versions are visible in the list, allowing you to duplicate them if you wish
  • Highlights only work with full verses or passages. Individual word highlighting is not possible
Creating a highlight
  1. From within the Bible Reader, select the verse(s) to highlight
    1. Select the preferred highlight color or create a custom color:
      1. Swipe left and tap on the custom color button (three horizontal dots) at the end of the colors
      2. Move the color picker (circle) button in the rainbow box and the slide bar to select/adjust the color then tap select
View Highlights
Highlights will be visible within the Bible Reader or you can look at them on the Highlights screen.
  1. Select the More (three lines icon)
  2. Select your initials or profile picture in top menu
  3. Select Highlights
  • ​​Select the List icon at the top right to choose between Normal and Condensed views
  • Scroll down to see what you have
Deleting highlight from the Bible Reader
  1. Select the highlighted verse you want to remove 
  2. Select the first color button with an x to remove
  3. This will remove the highlight from the reader but not from the moments 
Deleting highlight from the Moments page
  1. Select the More (three lines icon) in the bottom main menu
  2. Select your initials or profile picture in top menu
  3. Select Highlights
  4. Scroll to find a highlight to remove
  5. Select the three dots button at the bottom right of the highlight
  6. Select Delete
  7. Select OK to confirm
  • Highlights are only displayed within the version in which they were created
    • For example, if the highlight was created in Genesis 1:1 NIV, the highlight will only be available in the NIV version
  • Highlights can be created, viewed and deleted while offline and will be synced once online again

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