Support Site Procedures

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  1. Type your question in the search bar
  2. Possible answers will appear in a drop down list
  3. Select the one that seems to answer your issue
  4. Select the SEARCH button and a new web page will open with possible solutions
All Device Questions (Most Common Questions)
  1. These are questions that are common to all the apps and web site
  2. Select article that answers your question
Articles for Specific Platforms
  1. There are six groups of articles for each Platform or phone type
  2. Select a heading under each area for a group of articles regarding your platform or device
  3. Select the individual article under the main group for answers to your questions
Email the Help Team
  1. ​YouVersion has groups of volunteers that answer your specific questions
  2. There is no phone support as the agents are all volunteers and work whenever they can
  3. Please fill in the required questions as accurately as possible as it will help us direct you to the correct group
  4. Please give a detailed description of the issue so we can either try to duplicate it or know a possible solution
  5. Select here to go to the Email the Help team form
Definitions for your information
  • Category: this gives the support agent a general area where you may be having an issue. For example if you are having issues with signing up for a new account or forgot your password, then select the account settings.
  • Platform: please choose the device type (there are five major platforms for different device or phone types).  Selecting the correct type of platform will help to get your question sent to the correct group.
  • Android: the majority of phones or tablets are Android type and use various versions of the Android system to make the device (phone or tablet) work. Nook and Kindle e-readers also are in the Android platform. If you look in the devices setting menu and check under about it will tell you what version of the Android system you are using.
  • Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods are in the iOS platform. Apple computers such as the Mac are under the web platform as there is no app designed for them.
  • The platform is for computers that use a web browser.  Phones that use the mobile web alternate at are also in this platform. There is no app for this group but it is available with an online internet browser.

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