Switch Books in Bible Reader on Android

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To read the Bible in the Bible App, select the Reader (book icon) at the bottom of the home screen

Switching Books
  1. Select the current book in the top left menu
  • Scroll down if you don't see the book and chapter in the top menu
  1. Scroll through books of the Bible then select your choice
  • Books are sorted from Genesis to Revelation (in the same order as most physical bibles) by default
  • You can switch from Standard view to Alphabetic and back by selecting the A|Z button
  • Type the first letters of the Book in Search to quickly find books
  1. Select the chapter you want to read from
  2. Select the verse you would like to begin with
  • If the Verse Picker is not displayed
    • Select Menu (stacked lines) button
    • Scroll down and tap Settings
    • Scroll down to Show Verse Picker and toggle the switch to on (green)


  • Select the left or right arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the previous or next chapter
  • The History (clock) button in the top right of the book selection screen displays recently viewed passages

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