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A number of video producers have graciously allowed their videos to be available for online streaming at YouVersion. There are no downloads. Contact the producers directly for any other format.

There are videos on the life of Jesus and how to understand the Bible.

There is no index at this time.

Android and iOS apps

There are two ways to access videos

  1. The top menu Discover icon which is only available when in Reading mode
    1. Select Discover (black compass in top menu)
    2. Related videos will pop up in lower screen
    3. Select the video you want to view
  2. View Videos In Settings
    1. Select More (three lines) in main menu
    2. Select Videos
    3. Scroll through icons and select the video series you want to watch
    4. Select the segment you want to see
    5. The segments can not be linked together for a continuous view. You need to select the next one each time
Website at

Website does not have a Discover icon.

Select Video in top menu.

Use Chrome preferably to view and not Internet Explorer.

*Known issue - Some videos do not open but say format is incorrect. We are working on it.

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