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​Write a note
  1. As you are reading a Bible verse, select the verse(s) (in the same chapter) for which you want to create a Note
  2. A list of actions will appear on the bottom
  3. Select Note
  4. Type the content of your note in Write something here
  5. Select the status as to the broadcasting of your notes on the internet
  • Public will make it available to everyone in community notes
  • Friends will make it available only to your YouVersion Friends
  • Private will make it only available to you
  • Draft is for saving and creating longer notes to you for future editing
Add Color
  1. In Add Color, select a color which displays like a highlight in your Bible and a color  in your Notes list
  2. Select  SAVE, and the Note will be stored on our servers under your account
  • If you do not want to save the note, select the X in the drop down menu
View, edit or delete notes
  1. Select your picture or a person icon in the top right header
  2. Select Notes
  3. Scroll down to desired note
    • Notes are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom)
    • For each notes moment  in the list, you always see at the top the date last modified 
    • Below that  is the text of the note
    • In the bottom menu is LikeComment and More
  4. Select More to have the option to go to the reading page,to edit or delete the note
    • ****Not available now   Select Edit in the bottom of the note to open an edit menu
    • Make the desired changes and then select save  ****
  5. To delete a note click on the Delete 

If you are creating a long note, you should save it as a DRAFT periodically, and then reopen it to continue… so that all is not lost if your network connection glitches.

Notes are not saved on your local device… only on the server. 

One technique to use to avoid losing your long note due to a connection glitch (perhaps during a sermon) is to work on the draft of the note using your mobile device’s “yellow pad” then copy paste the text into the body of a Bible note later. 

Unlike a bookmark, a Note created in one version can be accessed from any other version. 

e.g. If you created a note for Luke 5:5 in the ESV, and while reading Luke 5:5 in the NIV you selected it and chose View Related… you would find the Note you created.

Using too many different colored Notes will get confusing.  Keep your color scheme simple… and perhaps use a color for Notes that is different from what your use for Bookmarks and Highlights.
There are few options for finding a specific note in your list:

  • You can scroll through the list of Notes
  • There is no Label (category) for Notes like there is for bookmarks

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