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Plans With Friends is a feature that allows you and a group of friends to engage with God's Word by doing reading plans together. All plans started as a PWF (Plan With Friends) are completely private and only those who are doing the plan together can see plan activity. Activity moments will not be displayed in the either tab of the Home Feed, nor in your Profile Feed.

Start and manage Plans With Friends as the host
  1. Update the app 
  2. Choose a plan and select Start. For information on how to search for a plan select link here 
  3. Select With Friends
  4. Choose a start date.
  5. Choose a date that is convenient for all the participants
  • The plan will have a specific start and end date that cannot be changed after it . is started
  • The Catch Me Up feature will not be available in a PWF
  1. Select Invite your Friends
  2. Select from the following options
    1. Select the names of those on your YouVersion friend list who you'd like to invite to join you in doing the plan.  
    2. Select the share icon under Anyone with a link can join. This allows you to send a link to the plan so that those NOT on your YouVersion friend list can also do the plan with you. Other people can also share this link once they have it from you
    3. Select Invite Friends later if you're not yet ready to invite people to the plan
    4. Select Invite x#Friends if you've selected names on your YouVersion friend list
    5. There is a limit of 150 people per group plan
  3. Participants will be automatically added when they accept your invitation
Join or leave a plan as a participant
  1. A YouVersion account is required to participate. For new account info select link here
  2. Sign into your account and then accept the invite from the host
  3. The plan will automatically be added to your My Plans section
  4. Participants can leave the plan any time by swiping across the plan name in the My Plans list and selecting Leave
  5. If you want to re-join after leaving a PWF, you can only do so if you were the one that left the plan. If the host removed you, you will not be able to re-join


For differences between plans and Plans with Friends select link here.

Remove a participant - only the host can do this
  1. Make sure that you are signed into your YouVersion account. 
  2. On the bottom navigation menu select Plans (check icon)
  3. Select My Plans
  4. Select the desired plan
  5. Select the participant list located just below the Day x of x wording
  6. Swipe right to left on participant name and then select Remove
    1. Do not tap on participant's name as this will take you to the friends page
  7. If the Host leaves a plan, the person who has been part of the plan the longest automatically becomes the Host
  8. To delete a plan the host must remove all participants first and then Leave this Plan in Settings
  9. Unfortunately, if the host removes a participant from a PWF, that participant will not be able to re-join the plan. If the participant leaves on their own, they will be able to re-join.
How to invite others after initial start
  1. Open the My Plans page
  2. Swipe across the name of plan from right to left and select Invite
  3. Select from the available options
    1. Invite allows you to invite other YouVersion friends to the plan or gives you a link to send to those not on your YouVersion friend list
    2. Settings also displays a link you can send to those not on your YouVersion friend list

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