Notes - Edit and other Actions on Android

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There are two ways to open a note

The verse indicator and note will only show up in the version you created the note

Reader Verse Indicator
  • When you save a note you will get a square box icon around the verse number in the Read page
  • This is to indicate you have some action selected in these verses if you have no color selected
  • Select this icon to take you directly to the note for viewing or editing
Profile page
  1. From the Home page, select your initials or profile picture in top menu
    1. If not on Home page, select More in bottom menu
  2. Select Notes
  3. Select the List (three line) icon in the top right to toggle between normal or list view
  • Notes are always listed from newest to oldest
  • In the normal view, you will see date added for each Note, and the first line of the Note text, and the verse reference
  • In the list view, you will see the first few words of the note, the date, and the reference
  1. Select the note to see the full note page
  2. Select Actions (three dot icon) at the bottom to
  • Read - Will open verse in Reader page
  • Share - Will open Share Via page to share complete note
  • Pray - Will open Add Prayer page to make a prayer with verse only
  • Copy - Copies verse only to clipboard
  • Compare Versions - Opens verse to Compare to compare with other versions
  • Edit - Brings note up in an edit page just like creating a new note. See Notes for more information
  • Delete - Deletes note: Caution There is no confirm and once deleted the note can not be recovered

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