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To add someone
  1. Find their profile
  2. Send a friend request
  3. Have your friend accept and send a reply
To find a friend profile and send a friend request
  1. Select the two person icon in the top menu
  2. Select ADD FRIENDS
  3. There are a number of ways to find the profile
  • Select INVITE FRIENDS TO THE BIBLE APP at bottom of screen to get a selection of available lists on your device to search
  • You can also search our database by typing name or email in the Search icon in the top menu and select Search
  • Select Connect with Contacts for people from your mail contact list
  • Select Connect with Friends for contacts in your Facebook account
    • To make sure you are going to friend the correct person, you can select the user's name and view additional profile information
  1. Select the person you want from Suggested Friends and select ADD.
This will immediately send the request and cannot be withdrawn
  1. You will get a notification when the Friend accepts if these notifications are enabled
There is currently a limit of 250 friends.
To clear Facebook contacts in YouVersion
  1. Turn off Apps, Websites and Games in your Facebook account
  2. Clear cache in Bible under More > Settings > Clear Local Cache
  3. Go to the home feed to Suggested Friends and Remove all Facebook suggested friends
Additional Information
  • When you type a name, email address or user name in the search bar, you will get 'no results' if your friend does not have a name entered in their YouVersion profile. They will either need to add a name or you will need to search for them through your contacts or Facebook friends. 
  • Email addresses must be associated with YouVersion accounts in order for the Bible App to find them. Many people have multiple email addresses so if someone you know does not show up in a Contacts or Facebook search, either they do not have a YouVersion account or the email address associated with their YouVersion account is different than the one listed in your Contacts App or your friend's Facebook profile.

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