Streaks and Perfect Weeks

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Streaks encourage you to connect with Scripture every day, by showing you how many days in a row you’ve opened the Bible App. Every day that you open the Bible App (even if you are not connected to the Internet), your Streak increases by 1. (The Bible App measures one day as the 24-hour period between 12:01am and 12:00 midnight in your timezone.)

Your Streak is associated with your free YouVersion account. Every day that you open the Bible App or visit, it counts toward your Streak for that day—as long as you are signed in on that device.
Streaks only display on Android and iOS devices, not at

Perfect Weeks

Perfect Weeks are an extension of Streaks, encouraging you with the perspective of your long-term progress—even if you happen to break your Streak. A Perfect Week is counted as one 7-day Streak, calculated from Sunday to Saturday, within your time zone. Your Perfect Weeks number is a running, cumulative total of all your Perfect Weeks.

How to Turn on Streaks Reminders

The Bible App can help you remember to connect with Scripture every day (and keep your Streak) by sending you a daily reminder. When you turn on Streaks reminders, if you do not open the Bible App by 7:00pm in your time zone, the Bible App will send you a Push Notification.

Android or iOS:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your free YouVersion account. Here’s how to Sign In
  2. Select More (≡), Settings, Notification Settings, Push Notifications.
  3. Top: Select Streaks reminders.
    If you open and sign in to your free YouVersion account, that day will count toward your Streak. However, does not display Streaks, nor can you turn on Streaks reminders at

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