Why can’t I listen to audio in all versions and devotionals

Updated 9 months ago by Friedrich-Wilhelm Prussak

  • The audio is a recording of a human voice, not text-to-speech
  • YouVersion does not actually record any of the audio
  • Our publishing partners make the recorded audio available to us for free
  • In many cases, only the New Testament or certain books of a Bible version have been recorded
  • Even though only certain versions or portions are available at this time, as we get more we will share with the YouVersion community


YouVersion does not own the copyrights for any of the audio that we offer. It’s only through cooperative partnerships with generous Bible societies and publishers that we are able to use the many versions that we do. The organizations who provide YouVersion what we have available have demonstrated extraordinary grace and generosity in allowing us to bring them to a worldwide audience completely free of charge. In fact, their choice to partner with us makes possible everything that we do. And we are profoundly grateful for each of these relationships.

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