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Creating a Note 

  1. As you are reading the Bible, select the verse(s) for which you want to create a note
  2. An action menu will be displayed
  3. Select Notes (you may have to scroll the menu to see the Notes option)
  4. Enter the text for your note (suggestion: you can use the first line of the note as a title)
  5. Optionally, you can also:
    1. Select the rainbow colored icon to choose a highlight color for the verse in the Bible reader
    2. By default, the privacy setting for a new note will be the same as the last note you created. To change this, select the status setting at the top middle.
      • Private Note - visible only to you
      • Friends Only - visible to you and your YouVersion friends
      • Public Note - visible to everyone.
    3. Select the + icon (just below Save) to add additional scriptures to this note
      • Select the book, chapter, and verse(s) to be added
      • Select Add to add the reference and return to the note page
    4. Paste the verse text into the body of the note by selecting the reference and then selecting Paste in Note
    5. Remove a reference by selecting the reference and then selecting Remove
  6. Select Save and the note will be stored on your device as well as on our servers in your YouVersion account
  7. Select Cancel if you want to Discard the note without saving or save it as a Draft to finish later


  • In order use the notes feature, you must be signed in to the app.
  • You can create & edit new notes offline. However, it is probably best to be connected to the internet when working with notes. You can read previously created notes offline but you cannot edit them.
  • If you are creating a long note (perhaps during a sermon), you should save it as a DRAFT periodically, and then reopen it to continue so that all is not lost if your network connection glitches.
  • To edit a note saved as a draft, tap any verse to reveal the action menu, tap Notes, then tap Drafts at the bottom of the note. 
  • You can then choose from the list of draft notes.
  • To delete a draft, swipe left on the note listed to reveal a Delete option

For help on viewing a note, see here.

For help on editing or deleting a note, see here. 

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