Switch to a different Bible version or language on iOS

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When you are reading a Bible version, you can switch to a different Bible version (even a Bible in a different language) as follows:

How to change versions but keep the same language

  1.  Select the version short code on the top of the screen
    • At the top is a search bar where you can type the name or abbreviation of the version you want to read
    • Next is the language you are using
    • Next is a list of the most recently used versions. The Current version is listed in bold print
    • Underneath the Recently Used list is a grey bar with the current number of versions available in the language you are using
    • After that is a full list of the Bible versions for that language in alphabetical order by version short code 
  2. Scroll down to find the version you want and tap on it
    • This will open that version to the same verse you were viewing

How to change to Bible versions in a different language

  1. Select the version code on the top of the screen. (e.g. KJV) 

Select Language in the the language bar to see a list of all available languages

  • The fastest way to search for a language is to select the magnifying glass icon at the top right
    • In the search bar type the language name
    • A list of results matching that language will appear. Select the language you want.
    • A list of Bible versions available in that language will appear at the top of the version list in the reader
  • You can also scroll through the list of available languages using either the Suggested (displays languages according to your location in the world) or the All list (orders all the available languages alphabetically). Just select the tab and scroll through the list
  • You can also select from the Recently Used list
  • If you're viewing the All list, it is arranged alphabetically. You can scroll through the list or tap the letters on the right side to advance through more quickly. Selecting the # will take you to a list of languages that do not have Romanized alphabets (ie. Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, etc.).
  1. When you find the language you want, select its name to return to the version list so that you can select a version to read in that language


  • If you can’t find the list of English Bibles, you need to tap the  language bar and change it back to English.
  • You may have to scroll down to the E section.
  • Choosing a language here does not change the app’s language… it just shows Bibles in that language.

Another method for changing the language of the Bible Text is:

  • On the bottom navigation bar select  More > Settings > Language > Bible Text
  • Use the search bar to type the language you're looking for or select from the alphabet 'tabs' on the right side.  Script languages are available in the # section.
  • Once you change the Bible text language, you can choose a Bible version in that language from the version list

Bible Audio

  • Audio is only available for a few non-English Bibles, and often the audio is for the New Testament only.
  • Versions that have audio, will have a speaker icon by their name.

Bible download for offline use

Downloadable versions have the word Download to the right of their name in the version list. If you see a check mark then you have already downloaded it.

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