Bookmarks—how to use them offline on iOS

Updated 1 year ago by Keiran Davidson

You should be able to use many bookmark functions when you are offline as long as:

  • You are signed-in to the app, and
  • Your app is at the current update level, and
  • You have previously sync’d with the server when you were online (this is usually automatic)

You should be able to View, Use, Create bookmarks while offline

  • Bookmarks created offline will be sync’d with our servers when a connection is restored
  • Once you are connected again, you can do a manual sync with the servers by displaying the list of bookmarks swiping down on the list to refresh it
  • Existing Bookmarks cannot be edited offline
  • Bookmarks you create during your offline session will be editable during your offline session but not in future offline sessions


  • For offline bookmarking to work most reliably, you should plan for it:
  • While network connected, view your list of bookmarks and refresh it from the server (pull down on the list and release to refresh)
  • Make sure you have at least one Bible downloaded for offline use
  • Then put your device into AIRPLANE mode
  • Test that you can still view and open your bookmarks
  • Leave the device in AIRPLANE mode until you get to another strong signal area

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