Plans not completing

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When each day in a plan has been marked completed
  • You should get a congratulatory message automatically on the final day of the plan
  • The plan will be removed from your list of active plans under My Plans
  • The plan will be added to your permanent list of Completed Plans
What if a plan does not complete correctly. These are suggested items to be tried. If one works then stop
  1. Check for unmarked days in your plan Calendar by opening plan setting menu
  2. Select Settings (three dots top corner) > Calendar and make corrections on uncompleted days
If you still cannot get a plan to complete properly.
  1. Sign in on a computer at with the same email and password and try to complete the plan there
  2. Turn off notifications in apps (website does not have notifications for plans)
  3. For apps in main menu select More > Settings > Notification Settings > Push Notification > Streaks reminders toggle
  4. Stop the plan manually in the same plan menu.
  5. Depending on the device you may have to go to second Settings menu in drop down
Please note that stopping the plan will mean that the plan will not show up in your list of completed plans

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