Church Resourses from YouVersion

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Church resources and training
YouVersion General Information
  • Describes the Products, Our Mission, How to get Involved and Press categories
  • For home page of YouVersion information select link here
  • For Careers, Volunteers, Churches, Bible Partners, Content, Giving or Tech Support select link here
  • For Press information select link  here
  • Events helps your church to online connect with attenders
  • It can replace your bulletin
  • It has a place for sermon outlines and notes
  • For more information on how to set up Events select link here
Open Network - Resources for Equipping Churches
  • For What Open Network is about select link here
  • For Open Network home page select link here
Church Online Platform
  • Free software to help you get your church online
  • Church Online homepage select link here
  • For Help with Church Online select link here

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