Change Email Address on iOS

Updated 1 year ago by Val Weinstein

We cannot change the email address associated with your account for you, but you can easily do it yourself.

  1. Select your profile picture (or initials) at the top right of the Home Feed
  2.  From the 3 dot overflow menu at the top right, select Edit Profile
  3. Select Email
  4. Type the new email address you'd like to use and select Send on the keyboard
  5. Our system will send an email TO your new email address FROM
  6. Open your email application and find the verification email.  Select the verification link in that email to verify your new email address.
  7. Selecting the link should return you to the Bible App and you'll see that your email address has been successfully changed
  8. Select Save
  9. If you are directed to a sign in screen, sign in with your new email address and password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can have a new one sent to your new email address by tapping forgot password
  10. If you do not see the email then select link here

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