Change Font Size on iOS

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You can change the font size of the text in the Bible reader by one of the following methods:

Method 1 - Select the Aa at the top right of any Bible page and move the slider left or right

Method 2 - On the bottom navigation bar, select More > Settings > Font Size

The Bible App on iOS also supports iOS native Dynamic type settings. Please make sure you are updated to the latest iOS version and Bible App version before following the steps outlined in this article.

Dynamic type is an iOS feature that will change the font size throughout the system and in all applications on your device that support dynamic type settings. This includes changing the font size and weight throughout the entire Bible App experience including:

  • Your Home Feed
  • Reading Plans, including devotional content
  • Bible Reader Text

To change your Dynamic Type size on iOS:

  1. With the Bible App closed open the iOS Settings App and select General > Accessibility > Larger Text and drag the slider to adjust the font size on your device. You can also turn the Larger Accessibility Sizes button on for even larger text sizes
  2.  Return to the Bible App. Your font size will be adjusted based on the changes you've just made in the iOS accessibility settings.
A video demonstration is available here:

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