Move a plan's start date to Jan 1

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To move start date backwards to Jan 1
Moving plan backwards only works on the Android and iOS apps and not on the website at

The example uses Jan.14 as the date of the year

  • Day is the day of the plan and is the bigger number in the plan weekly calendar (14)
  • Date is the date of the year and is smaller (Jan. 14)
  • To get the plan to start on Jan 1 you need to have them the both the same in the active day box
  1. On the weekly calendar, determine what day of the plan matches the date
    1. Day 14 for Jan 14
  2. Select the box one day in past (13) and then select the circles to the left of each part of the plan and complete the plan day
  3. Select the Catch Me Up option in the overflow menu (3 dots, top right) and follow the prompts
  4. Day 14 is selected as you active day so start reading
  5. You will see a message saying (number) MISSED DAYS
    1. In order for the plan to complete and you to receive credit as a completed plan, you will need to read and complete these days or mark then as read
    2. You can select the missed days message to go back to these days or open then in the weekly or monthly calendar
    3. If you do not complete them, just Stop the Plan when you are done
  • If you are behind in your readings just select Catch Me Up
  • For help articles, select link here and type Catch Me in search bar at top of page and find the article in the results that matches your platform/device
  • Catch Me up help article will also explain how to sync you plan with a friends

If current date is Feb you need to add 31 to the day

  • Feb 3 is 31 +3 = Day 34
  • Calculate the current Day of the year for other months

When you do a regular catch me up you move the Today date into the past becasue you have a missed day and want the plan to catch up with where you actually are. This moves the plan start forwards

When you want to move the start date backwards (Into the past) you move the Today date forward (into the future) and this moves the start date backwards. You then will have a bunch of missed days which you have to catch up manually.

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