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Updated 2 years ago by Wayne L Harms

 Reading plans will auto complete if you follow these steps.

  1. Select Plans (check mark)
  • On the Mobile web select the Menu (three lines) first
  1. Select My Plans if they are not displayed. This will display a page of your current reading plans
  2. Select the plan you want to read
  3. Check to see you are on the correct day
  4. Select Start Reading
  • If you are using audio in a plan you can now select the audio and it will complete that reference and continue reading until the day is complete
  1. After reading the selection, select the at the side to get to next reference
  2. On Plans with Friends enter a comment in the Talk it Over
    1. Write something in comment box
    2. Select Post. If you don't select this your comment is not posted
  3. Once you are finished all the readings, select the . This will mark the day as complete in the weekly calendar and full calendar
  4. Check the in the plan complete page to get to the main plans page
  5. Days with no content will automatically be checked as read

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