Windows, Blackberry and Apple (Macs)

Updated 2 years ago by Wayne L Harms

Unfortunately, we no longer support our Windows or Blackberry apps and there is no "app" for Apple or Linux. If you are using the Windows or Blackberry apps, please uninstall and go to our website for an app like experience.

The Windows phone and legacy Blackberry connections have been removed so they no longer work. To sync with phone apps, please use Chrome, Firefox or Edge as your browser and not Internet Explorer.

If you have an older phone or slow internet and only want to read the Bible, then do not sign in for a faster web experience. Otherwise, please sign in if you wish to access plans, highlights, bookmarks and notes.
Our passion is to faithfully steward the resources that God has given us to help make this the most Bible-engaged generation in history. While our desire is to have an updated version of the app for every platform, that's not possible based on our resources. For us to reach as many people in the world as possible, with our current resources, we are choosing to focus on the largest global platforms of iOS, Android and Web (
We will continue to invest in the web and mobile experience of, so please use that site as an app alternate on your Windows devices. We appreciate your understanding and your passion for God's word!

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