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We recognize that Apple Watch may not be immediately available in all countries and for all users. With the exception of trending Bible verses, you can find these same Bible App features on your iPhone or iPad. But there is only one version of the Bible App for iOS, no matter which Apple device you use. Apple Watch makes your Bible App experience more pleasant by making popular features even easier to get to.

How to install and use the Bible app on Apple Watch

  1.  Download the latest version of the Bible app from the Apple store to an Apple Watch compatible iPhone device ((currently iPhone 5 and beyond) 
  2.  Open the My Watch iPhone app and ensure Automatic Apps Downloads is enabled (My Watch App->General->Automatic Downloads->Enabled) 
  3.  Within the My Watch iPhone app, enable the Bible app for your Apple Watch (My Watch app->Bible->Show App on Apple Watch->Enabled)
  4. To enable the Bible app in your Apple Watch Glances, toggle the “Show in Glances” (My Watch app->Bible->Show in Glances->Enabled)
  5. To start the Bible App on your Apple Watch, press the Apple Watch Digital Crown and then tap the Bible icon.
  1. Read the Verse of the Day just by looking at your wrist
  • By tapping the calendar icon
  • The verse of the day is also displayed in your Apple watch glances (accessed by swiping up on your watch face) if enabled
  1. Know that someone is thinking about you each time you feel that little vibration telling you one of your Friends Liked or Commented on your Bible activity.
  2. Any time you think of it, glance to see which verses are trending.
  • ​By tapping the chart icon
  1. Easily jump to your own Verse Images, Bookmarks, and Highlights.
  • ​By tapping your profile picture

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