Audio Bible Reader on Android

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The audio function plays prerecorded audio for Bible versions made available by the publisher.

A speaker icon will be displayed in top menu if audio is available for the selected version.

On the version select list an audio icon is displayed for versions with audio. There is a number after the icon for multiple audio options

Audio is only available online and can not be downloaded.
To play Bible audio
  1. In a Bible reading page either in Read or Plans, select the speaker button in the top right menu
The audio control panel in bottom menu
  1. Select the play button in the center to start
  2. Select the left or right double arrow buttons to skip back/ahead by verse (Audio may start at the beginning of a chapter)
  3. Some versions now have more than one audio option.
    1. Select the Switch Audio Bible to view the available audio options
    2. Select the desired version
  4. Use the slider bar to move forward or back in the recording (as you move it it will also tell you what verse that the audio is on so you can move slider to the particular verse that you are looking for or looking to start listening from)
  5. Once the audio has started, select the center pause/stop button to pause/stop audio
  6. Select TIMER and then select the amount of time preferred for continuous play
  7. Select 1X to choose speeds of read back
  8. Select the Show Controls switch to have the audio controls appear at the bottom of the Read page while you follow along with the narrator
  9. To hide the audio panel, swipe arrow down
  10. When enabled, the audio button on the play page will have a color trail around it to show approximately how much of the chapter has been played
  11. To adjust volume, use the volume controls on your device
  12. The audio will scroll the page with an Audio Tracking Bar on the left of the current verse
    1. To turn it off, select More (three lines) in main menu
    2. Select Settings
    3. Scroll down to Show Audio Tracking Bar and set the button on the right to green for on and grey for off
  13. For information on how to listen to devotionals in plans select link here


Devices may offer audio through the accessibility option but theses are not coordinated with the app.

If you have a limited data plan, using audio without WiFi could cause you to reach your limit quickly, and trigger extra charges.

For the best audio experience possible, we strongly recommend that you connect using WiFi while listening

Many networks may cause delays or “stuttering.” If you notice delays or hiccups, try pausing the audio, wait several seconds to allow your audio to buffer, then resume play

Since any change in the network connection can cause an interruption, audio may not work well in a moving vehicle

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