Edit Password on Bible.com

Updated 2 years ago by Wayne L Harms

Change Password
  1. Select Settings (gear icon) in the top right header
  • On the Mobile web select the profile pic or initial first at right of top menu
  1. Select Change Password 
  2. Type your current password into the Current Password box. If you received a temp password, that is now your current password
  3. Enter new password into the New Password box and again into the Confirm Password box.  
  4. Select Change My Password  
  5. While you are at the website, sign out and then sign in again with your new password to make sure it is working
  6. To Sync, use your new password to sign in on all your mobile device(s) and the website
Tips for selecting a password
  1. Password minimum length is 6 characters 
  2. Passwords are case sensitive

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