How to search for and start a plan on Android

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The YouVersion Bible app offers hundreds of daily reading plans provided by a variety of ministries and organizations.

You should be able to find one that is the right length and has the focus that is right for you.

To search for and subscribe to Bible plans, you need to be signed in to the app and have a good network connection.

Search for Reading Plans by Keyword or Text 
  1. Open the app and select Plans (check mark icon)
  2. Select FIND PLANS
  3. Select the magnifying glass to search for a plan
  4. Select Search and type in the keyword or text in the search field
To find plans with audio devotionals search for Read To Me Audio
  1. When a page of plans displays, scroll down and select a plan to learn more about it
    1. You can preview a plan before you choose it
    2. Select START PLAN to add the plan to your MY PLANS list of active plans OR
    3. Select SAVE FOR LATER to add the plan to your SAVED list
  2. Choose how you want to complete the plan
    1. For a regular plan select By Myself and then choose the level of privacy you want
    2. For Plan with Friends choose With Friends
For information on how to start and manage a Plan with Friends, select here
For information on differences between plans and Plan with Friends, select here
  1. On the MY PLANS page, tap on the plan you want to use to continue
Browse for Reading Plans 

There are several browsing methods available

  • Help me Find a Plan gives a set of choices that will lead you to plans of that type
  • The second row is a set of new, Featured plans
  • The third row gives type suggestions
  • Next is a topical selection
  1. Open the app and tap Plans icon 
  2. Select FIND PLANS
  3. Most Plans are displayed with an image and you can scroll through them
  4. Browse though plans or select one of the categories  (e.g., tapping on New will show you new plans)
  5. ​Select a plan to learn more about it
  6. Select START PLAN to add the plan to your MY PLANS list of active plans, or add it to your SAVED list
  7. See information in 7 above on how to start plans 

For more plan options and plan use, select here

For information about using audio with a plan, select here

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