Blocked Reply Emails

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  1. In your email program find a folder called "Spam" and check to see if your mail is there
    1. If found, mark it as "Not Spam" and move to your inbox.
  2.  If you have the ability to check your email via a web interface (such as or try that as well
    • Some email providers mark messages as spam at this level before they even get to your inbox
    • Use the search feature on the web (not in an email app) and look for
  3. If you have a "Spam" filter, please add, our email address to ensure that you will get our emails in the future
    • First Name = Noreply
    • Last Name = Youversion
    • Email =
  4. It may be that your Spam/Junk folder has more than 100 messages in it which might delay the delivery of the email, or prevent it entirely. Clear out your Spam/Junk folder
  5. Check if your email has a blocked list and if is on that list
  6. Check if there is a Safe Senders and Save Recipients and add to that list
  7. After you have done all the tips and tricks please re-request the email and you should get it this time


If you are still not getting a reply the issue is usually with the email service provider.  Please contact them to see if the email is being blocked.

  • The  email will be from  
  • (That is why we ask you to add this to your "Spam" in step 3 and blocked email in step 5)
  • Subject lines vary depending on the reason the email was sent
  • For example, for a New Password the subject line is  Resetting Your YouVersion Password

If you are with and educational institute or other org, then check with your IT department for blocked email.


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