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To play audio if you are signed in

Menu icons are on the top left on the regular web and the bottom for mobile devices.

  1. Select Read
  2. Select the Bible version short code box behind the book and chapter in the top of the screen. (e.g. KJV).
  • Select a version with audio
  • Those with audio available will have a speaker icon  behind the name 
  • If you select a version without audio the speaker icon in the Read page is grey and will show a red stop sign when selected. This will also occur if the audio is only for certain books of the Bible. 
  1. In the main page, select the speaker icon beside the version 
  2. The audio control panel will come up
  3. Click the forward arrow button to start, click the same button to pause (stop) audio
  4. To move back or forward in the recording, select the back 30 (in front of play or forward 30 buttons
  5. If you are signed in to your YouVersion account, you can also select audio reader speed
  6. If audio is playing, it will normally continue to play even if you navigate away from the audio control panel to do something else on your device. To stop player get back to this screen and select pause
  7. To close or open the audio panel click anywhere on the screen
  8. A green circle will come around the top speaker icon. Click on it to reopen audio panel
Using audio with a reading plan 
  • If the audio from the publisher has been "versified" or segmented then the audio will read only the selected portions of the reference
  • Otherwise it will begin at the beginning of the chapter. You can use the audio control panel as described above to move to the selected verses
  • The audio will forward through all references until the day is completed
Audio without being signed in
  • A simplified audio drop down is displayed
  • Select the > to start and then HIDE in the top corner to close
  • The audio function plays voice recordings made available by the publisher of that Bible version.  It is not synthesized speech generated from the text.   Audio is available for several Bible versions, but not all.
  • You must have a strong stable internet connection to listen to audio
  • Audio will only read one chapter at a time.
  • It needs to be restarted again for the the next chapter
  • Some versions have audio for the New Testament, but not the Old Testament
  • If you notice delays or hiccups, try pausing the audio, wait several seconds to allow the audio to buffer, then resume play


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