Start and Manage Plans with Friends on Android

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  • Plans With Friends allows you and a select group of friends to engage with God's Word by doing reading plans together
  • For the differences between Plans and Plans with Friends select here
Start and manage Plans With Friends as the host
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app
  2.  Start any plan. For information on how to start a plan select here
  3.  Select With Friends
  4.  Choose a start date
  • The start date should be at least a day in the future, to allow people to accept
  • If you have a large number of participants, give it several days
  • The plan will have a specific start and end date that cannot be changed after it is started
  • Catch Me Up is not a PWF feature
  1. Select the forward arrow
  2. Select friends to invite
  • From your friends list in the app
    • Select the friends you want to join the plan
  • Select the link at the bottom of the page
    • Select the app you want to use from the apps list on your device
    • Follow the prompts in the app
  1. Participants will be automatically added when they accept your invitation
Join or leave a plan as a participant
  1. A YouVersion account is required to participate. For new account info select here
  2. Sign into your account and accept the invite from the host
  3. The plan will automatically be added to your My Plans section
  4. Participants can leave any time they want by selecting Menu (three dots) then Settings and then select Leave This Plan at bottom of the page
Remove a participant (host only)
  1. In My Plans select the desired plan
  2. Select Participants
  3. Long press on the participant you want to remove from this plan only, and then select Kick
  • If the Host leaves a plan, the person who has been part of the plan the longest automatically becomes the Host
  • To delete a plan the host must remove all participants first and then Leave This Plan in Settings
To change date before the plan starts (host only)
  1. Open plan page and select the plan
  2. Select Menu (three dots) in top corner and then Settings
  3. Select CHANGE START DATE and then choose date
How to invite others after initial start (anyone)
  1. From the My Plans page select the plan you want to open
  2. Select Menu (three dots) in top corner 
  3. Select Participants
  4. Select Invite Others
    1. Go through the list and pick those you wish to invite OR
    2. Copy the link and forward it to someone not on your list
  5. Be sure to use the invite others link and not Share as that will only let then view plan but not join
  6. If the recipient does not have the Bible app installed on their device, the link will take them to the app store
  • Only the host can send initial invites or remove participants from the plan
  • Any member of a Friends study can add friends 
  • If  the host removes a participant, the plan becomes a regular plan in that participant's My Plans page
  • Unfortunately, if the participant is removed by the host - even by mistake - they will not be able to rejoin the plan. If a participant leaves on their own, they will be able to re-join

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