Edit Profile Picture on Android

Updated 2 months ago by Wayne L Harms

To edit your profile picture
  1. From the Home Screen, select your initials or profile picture
  2. Select the triple dots, then Edit Profile
  3. Select the current profile picture at the top center—a pop up screen will appear giving options to retrieve a new picture
  • This option allows you to choose a picture from the device gallery
  1. Select Gallery
  2. Select the picture you would like to upload and it will be instantly uploaded to your profile

  • This option allows you to take a picture with the device camera
  1. ​Select Camera
  2. Capture a picture​​
  3. Select Save when you have a desired picture

Import from Facebook
  • This option allows you to choose a picture from your Facebook account
  1. Select Import from Facebook
  2. Log into your Facebook account
  3. Your Facebook profile picture will be displayed as your Bible App profile automatically

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