Troubleshooting on the web

Updated 11 months ago by Keiran Davidson

Basic troubleshooting

A lot of issues can be solved by clearing browser cache or history and signing out and then in again.

If you need help with info about clearing cache please search internet help for your browser type.

Web Browsers

New Microsoft Edge (also for Mac)

  • Internet Explorer gives many problems and has now been replaced by the new Chromium based Edge
  • The new Edge is available for download at
  • Go to site and if you have window 8.1 or 7 or Mac and select down arrow for menu to select your Operating system

Chrome or Firefox

Obsolete Windows Store app

If you are using the Windows Store app, please uninstall and switch to the website at as we no longer support the app.

Sign in with your same email and password to have a app type experience. Not all features in the apps are supported on the web

Security Extensions or Add Blockers

Some security extensions, add blockers can cause "false" security alerts or other issues as well

Temporarily disable and check if your issue is still there

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