Troubleshooting tips for Streaks

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Opening the Bible App increases your streak by 1 each day

Streaks are only displayed on Android and iOS devices

Website. The website at records streaks for your YouVersion account but streaks & push notifications for streaks are not displayed on the web site 

Why did Streak reset
  • You did not open the Bible App between 12:01 am and 12:00 midnight for a particular day. In other words, every 24 hours, is counted as one day. This is the most frequent reason a streak will start over
  • You were not signed in to your YouVersion account when you opened the app on a particular day
  • You use the Bible App on multiple devices but are not signed in to the same YouVersion account on all devices. Streaks is unique to the account you are signed in to
Troubleshooting to display streak
  • It may be that your device is not displaying the streak correctly so we ask you to do the troubleshooting first
  • Depending on your device please follow the troubleshooting tips in links
  • General Android troubleshooting select link here
  • General iOS troubleshooting select link here
  • If you have completed the troubleshooting tips above but are convinced that your streak number should be restored, fill out the form here
  • After the streak is restored you may need do another cache clear (or refresh) to display restored streak
Prevention to keep Streaks going
  • Open the Bible App at least once each day during the times listed above
  • Close the Bible App completely out when you are not using it
  • When you open the Bible App, make sure your streak number goes up. Sometimes it will take a second or two to register. If it doesn’t go up
    • Make sure you are signed in to your YouVersion account in the Bible App
      • Look for the profile icon at the top right of the Home Page. If you see the option to sign in, then you need to select that option and sign in
      • Close the Bible App and open it up again
  • If you use the Bible App on multiple devices, make sure you are signed in to the same YouVersion account on all devices
    • You can do this by checking the email address in your profile
    • Your streak number should go up even if you are offline but if it doesn’t, make sure you have a good internet connection when you reconnect.
  • Turn on the Streak Reminder option. You will get a push reminder to open the Bible App
    • If you do not open the Bible app by 7:00 PM (local time), you will receive a reminder to continue your Streak
    • Apps - Select More > Settings > Notification Settings > Push Notification > toggle Streaks reminders
  • Get in the habit of doing more than just reading the verse of the day
    • Do a reading plan
    • Highlight a verse
    • Create a bookmark
  • Crossing times zones around midnight sometimes ‘confuses’ the system
  • At this time there’s no option for turning the streaks feature off in Android
  • iOS has the ability to rearrange the Home Feed but you can’t turn any of the features off. See article link here

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