Why do I need an account?

Updated 1 month ago by Nizia Dantas

  • An account is NOT required to read the Bible via the app or the website.
  • An account is required for highlights, bookmarks, notes, reading plans, downloading offline translations, and friend features. 
  • An account is used keep track of this information and have it accessible from everywhere
  • Use only one account and sign in to all your devices with this account. Your data will then sync across multiple platforms.

We believe that through technology we can help make this the most Bible engaged generation in history. Our passion is for people to get engaged with God's Word. There are many ways that we strive to do this:

  • Include many Bible translations and languages, knowing that each translation and language might speak to a person and reveal God's glory in a different way.
  • Provide the ability to remember and quickly access scripture through bookmarks and highlights.
  • Use reading plans to encourage and foster a daily relationship with God by having consistent time in His Word.
  •  Make it easy to share scripture with  friends and family in your own community to help encourage them or draw them closer to God

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