Compare or Read Multiple Versions on Android

Updated 6 months ago by Nizia Dantas

For parallel reading on a tablet select link here

With Compare Versions, you can quickly see how different Bible versions interpret a passage

  1. In Read page, select the verse(s) you wish to compare
  2. Select Compare in the pop-up menu and see the same verse repeated in all of your selected Bible translations
  3. To add versions select   and then follow prompts to add version
You should download versions you wish to compare regularly. Select information link here
  1. To remove versions from the compare list, select the three lines icon in top right
    1. Select on left of version to delete
    2. Select check mark in top right menu get back to Compare page
  2. Select Previous Verse or Next Verse at bottom of version to continue reading or go back
If you want to read two versions on a phone, limit additional versions to one and then use the Next Verse to continue reading

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