Wording Differences Between Versions

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The difference you have pointed out can possibly be traced to one of the situations described below:

  1. Word choices used by translation teams often vary between translations based on the texts and documents used to create those translations. For example, meat offering vs grain offering
  2. This may also include the use of capitals or not for words such as LORD
  3. There can also be differences between editions of the same translation as teams seek to improve the readability and style of the text in each new edition published.
  4. Differences between Bible text and audio may also be found in the Bible app. This is generally because the edition of the text we’ve been given by the publishers is not the same as the edition of the Bible from which the audio is created - even though it’s the same translation.


  • The Bible App wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of Bible Societies, publishers, pastors and church leaders around the world who share their Bible text freely with the YouVersion community.
  • Because of these partnerships and the fact that YouVersion does not own any of the copyrights for the translations we have, we must stay true to the text & audio our publishing partners provide.
  • We understand that Bible texts are important, so we want you to know that we have agreed to only include context which is consistent in belief and practice with historic Christianity.

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