How to use Catch Me Up on Android

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Catch Me Up is not available on Plans with Friends
  • Before you select CATCH ME UP, it is a good idea to make sure that
    • all the readings are marked complete for the 3 days immediately prior to your new “today”
    • none of the days after the new “today” are marked as complete. This will help ensure the feature works properly
To see what days are marked as read
  1. Select Plans icon (check mark)
  2. Select the plan you want to check
  3. Select Menu (three dots) in the top right
  4. Select Calendar
  • For more details select here
​To use Catch Me Up
  1. Select Plans icon (check mark)
  2. Select My Plans
  3. Select the plan you want to catch up
  4. Select the Menu (three vertical dots) in top right
  5. Select CATCH ME UP
  • CATCH ME UP will reset “today’s reading” to be the day after the last complete day
To sync your plan with other users using the same plan (NOT Plans With Friends)
  1. Determine what day of the plan the other users are on (example: day 145 of a 365 day plan)
  • The day of the plan is shown in weekly calendar
  • For more information on plan menus, select here
  1. Open the plan and select Menu (three dots), then select Calendar and scroll to the month you want
  2. Select the day three days previous to the date you want to sync to (In this example that would be day 142)
  3. Mark all the passages as completed through day 144 by checking the circle in front of each passage for each day
    1. You will now have three days marked as complete before the sync date
  4. Make sure there are no checked days after day 145
  5. Select  Menu (three dots) and CATCH ME UP
  6. Please note that using catch me up will not automatically mark the days before as complete
To have the reading plan complete when you are finished you will need to manually mark as read all days between 0 and 142. In this example if you had not marked all previous days as completed, performing the above actions would NOT automatically mark those days as complete

If you want to change the start date use the same procedure as described above​

When you select Catch Me Up, the Start Date and Completion Date will be changed. e.g. If you want Day 145 of the plan to be your new “today”, then when you tap Catch Me Up the plan’s start date will be moved to be 144 days ago

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