Audio won’t play correctly on iOS

Updated 3 months ago by Keiran Davidson

Audio uses a lot of the resources of your device and the network… more than any other function of the app.  Therefore, you may run into snags as you use it.  We hope you will be patient with it and with us as we work to improve it.

Audio will not work reliably in a moving vehicle.  If you go thru “bad cell” areas while playing audio, the app is likely to “get stuck.”

If either your 3G or WiFi signal is weak, it will cause snags. If the WiFi is weak, but 3G is strong, and you are on an unlimited data plan, you may want to turn off WiFi and see if the audio is more stable.

The more you do other things with your phone while audio is playing, the more likely you will have snags.  For that reason, and because audio always starts playing on verse 1 of a chapter, we do not recommend that you use audio with your reading plans.

If audio will not start, or the speaker icon is missing when you know it should be there, you may have to reset the app and its data connection.  You can do that by powering your device off/on.  Or you can use the “quick reset” procedure below:

A “quick reset” (also called a Force Close) of the app can do wonders, and it can’t hurt anything.

To do a “quick reset” open the Bible app and then return to the main screen of your device (where you see all the app icons) and: 

  1. Press the main hardware button on the device TWICE quickly (this is the round button below the display). 
  2. If you're still on iOS 6, a list of recently used apps should slide up at the bottom. (you can see more by swiping from right to left across that bottom row). If you're on iOS 7 or later, you'll see a list of apps across the center of the screen.
  3. On iOS 6, when you find the Bible App icon on that bottom row, touch and HOLD on it until all the app icons in this list "jiggle." On iOS 7, simply swipe up on the miniature Bible app screen. If you're on iOS 7 or later you can skip to step 5.
  4. On iOS 6, tap the RED circle with a "minus sign" in it on the upper left corner of the Bible app icon.  If you see a BLACK circle with an X in it, STOP.  Tapping that will delete the app from your device.  
  5. Press the main hardware button again to return the screen to normal.

Now reopen the Bible app.  You should be able to start the audio.

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