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Create Bookmark
  1. Select the Read (Book icon)
  2. Select the verse(s) to bookmark
  3. From the bottom menu that appears, select BOOKMARK (swipe left)
  4. Select Options to add a Title, Label or Color to the Bookmark
  5. Select SAVE
  6. Reader Verse Indicator
    • When you save a bookmark you will get a square box icon around the verse number
    • This is to indicate you have some action selected in these verses if you have no color selected
    • Select this icon to take you directly to the bookmark for viewing or editing
View Bookmarks 
  • Bookmarks can be viewed within the Bible Reader or on the Bookmarks screen
  • In the Bible Reader the bookmark will be highlighted in the color that you choose when you created it
  1. Select the More (three lines icon)
  2. Select BOOKMARKS from the next screen
  3. Select the List icon at the top right to toggle between two views
  • Condensed view: shows only a small part of the verse
  • Normal view: shows most or all of the verse linked to the bookmark
Delete Bookmark
  1. From the Bookmarks screen scroll to find the bookmark you wish to remove
  2. Select the three dots at the bottom right of the verse
  3. Select Delete
  4. Select OK to confirm
  • Bookmarks are only displayed within the version in which they were created
    • If the bookmark was created in Genesis 1:1 NIV, the bookmark will only be available in the NIV version
  • Bookmarks can be created, viewed and deleted while offline and will be synced once online again

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