Reading plan menus on Android

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Calendar on main plan page
  • At the right below the days is On Track  or X MISSED DAYS
    • On track means you are current with all readings
    • Select X MISSED DAYS to open a missing days page
    • Select a day to make that day the current day
    • If you select the circle(s) in front of the day's readings, that will mark the day as read
      • This is a quick way to mark a lot of missed days when using the Catch me Up
  • Today's date is highlighted with a box
  • The  reference or devotional has circle in front of it and will have a check mark if read
  • You can manually mark days as read by selecting the circle in front of all the references which will insert a check mark
  • Selecting a check mark will remove it
  • All readings need a check in order the day to be checked as read
Settings drop down menu items (three dots)
  • Share: Allows you to share a devotional via other apps with your friends
  • Settings: Opens another drop down
    • Progress information
    • Language
    • Notifications/Reminder time and on/off
    • Privacy for this plan
      • Private
      • Friends Only
    • Stop This Plan
  • Plan Info: Information about the publisher with contact web site
  • Calendar: Days of the plan have bold print. Days outside the plan are greyed out
    • Select any unfinished day to take you to that day in the main plan page
    • You must mark all the day's readings on the plan page, and then a check mark will appear here and in the weekly calendar
    • Swipe up and down for previous or next month
  • Catch me up: Select here
  • Stop this Plan: Select here

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